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how to grow honeyberries an extra early cold - hard fruit
Haskap Berry {Why & How to Grow Honeyberry}
Ever heard of honeyberries? Also called haskap berry, this lesser-known fruit is a must-have for the northern food gardener who wants an edible landscape that produces as early in the season as possible. Months before the blueberries arrive, honeyberries come in by the boatload! #honeyberry #permaculture #haskap | berry growing | permaculture gardening | growing fruit | edible landscaping |
an image of garden plants and their names
Shade Tolerant Vegetables vs Sun Friendly Veggies
an info sheet describing how to fill a raised garden bed and save money with wood
The Hugekultur Method
Hugelkultur, a German word meaning “mound or hill culture," is the process of layering organic garden waste inside the raised garden bed using large rotting logs, sticks and other debris to create a flourishing environment that improves soil quality, requires minimal maintenance, and has better water retention. Check out the link below for more information!
plants that like egg shells are great for growing in the garden or on the lawn
Top 9 Plants that Like Egg Shells
Elevate your gardening game with 9 eggcellent plants that thrive with the power of eggshells. From boosting soil fertility to preventing pests, discover how these green companions benefit from the calcium-rich goodness of eggshells. Unleash the potential of this natural fertilizer and watch your garden glow and flourish! #EggshellFertilizer #GardeningTips #PlantCare #EggShell #GardenPlants #Gardening
Transplanting Seedlings into Raised Bed!
These plants are taking root in Vego Garden metal raised beds! We are planting onions today, so we used our handy companion planting chart to determine what other plants to pair with them. Companion planting is important for your plants because: 🚿Ensures crops are not competing for nutrients 🌱Allows plants to add nutrients back to the soil that benefit the other plants 🌻Produces big, full harvests of happy plants What plants are you pairing together this season?
vegetables and flowers that grow in shade with text overlaying the top right side
Vegetables, Herbs, & Flowers That Grow in Shade: 5 Tips for Shade Gardening