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an image of a house built into the side of a mountain with stairs and windows
House in a mountain = best house
there are four different pictures of the same window
I made 4 more Window Designs!
four different types of houses made out of lego blocks with the words roof shapes below them
Roof Shapes
Kelpie The Fox
minecraft builds
Minecraft Cottagecore Darkwood Cottage | Fairytail Cottage | Kelpie The Fox
Magical Moon Cottage | Fairytale Cottagecore Minecraft Inspo | Kelpie The Fox
Fairytail Cottagecore Minecraft Bed | Fantasy Fairy Bed | Kelpie The Fox
a white truck with a red cross on it
Ambulance - Blueprints for MineCraft Houses, Castles, Towers, and more
an image of a picnic area in minecraft