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the instructions for how to draw an anime character's face and head with different facial expressions
a drawing of an angel's wings with one wing extended to the other side
instructions for how to tie a bow tie
Learn Manga Basics: Ribbons by Naschi on DeviantArt
an image of different colored eyes
the stages of an open mouth and its corresponding parts are shown in this cartoon style
the instructions for how to wear an unisex shirt and sweater in different ways
a drawing of someones arm with their hand on it and the words'i love you
知ってるだけで上手く描ける!制服のコツ ~セーラー服編~ | いちあっぷ
how to draw shorts for men with step by step drawing instructions on the front, side and back view
SOLRAKA on Twitter
a drawing of a woman's wedding dress with the names in english and japanese