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the logos for florisian botanical botanicals are shown in black and white on a pink background
Logo designs
Logo design by R & F design
the logos for different types of food and drink are shown in black on a pink background
Logo designs
Logo designs by Ryn Frank Design
a pink background with some writing on it
Brand design concept for a luxury hair salon start up in Orange County CA - by Luminous Lines Creative
the four steps to create an image with text and photoshopped into each step
Manquer de Prospects, Plus jamais !
[Inspirations éditoriales] - Hot to create a Knock out in Illustrator. A blog series of 'Designing Basics' in easy to follow steps to answer your questions about design elements and help you create fabulous graphics — Her Creative Studio Démarrer un blog en MLM : des idées. #Blog design #Blog pour débutants #Idées de blog #Blog pour l’argent #Blog conseils #lifestyle Blog #Blog à suivre #Modèle de blog #Blog inspiration #Sujets de blog #Publication de blog #Page de blog #Écrire un blog #Blog w
the creative speaker episode with an image of a woman's face and text that reads,
Public Speaking Presentation Prep: What to Consider Before You Write Your Talk — The Public Speaking Strategist | Jessica Rasdall
How to write your presentation | Before you build that beautiful slide deck, make sure you're asking yourself these questions | Presentation writing tips | How to write a speech | Public Speaking Tips #publicspeaking #onlinemarketing #smallbusinesstips #s
the words and symbols for each type of text
blog. | Coby Creative
All about understanding color, tutorial walk through on choosing colors, and our free little book of color palettes to help get you started
various flowers and plants are arranged in the shape of a circle
小西製作所 powered by BASE
ーーーサイズーーー180cm × 180cmーーー素材ーーーテトロンポンジ(ポリエステル製の軽い生地)日光や照明などで、ご使用される場所によっては透ける場合がございます※お店の旗(のぼり)などによく使われている素材です。ーーー納期ーーーこの商品は1点1点お作りするオーダーメイド商品のため、お届けは、お客様に「イメージ画のご確認」を頂いた後、2~3週間前後でのお届けになります。【 セミオーダーの内容 】1:新郎様&新婦様のお名前2:挙式日(または結婚記念日)※ご注文の際、備考欄にご記入ください。【 仕様 】・標準仕様は、上下5cm袋縫い加工(直径3cm棒を通すことが出来ます)※上下左右 ハトメ加工も可能ですので、ご希望の方はご注文時にお伝え下さいませ。※フォトブース幕のみでスタンドは付いておりません【 ご注意 事項 】・工場より直送になります。・色が画面上と実物では多少異なる場合がございます。・大きいサイズの印刷のため、色ムラ色欠けが出る場合や、お届けの際に、生地にシワがある場合がございます。・表面を引っ掻いたり強くこすったりした場合、表面が傷つきインクが取れてしまいますので、お取...
flowers are arranged in different colors and sizes
絵本作家 | Atelier RiLi | アトリエ リリ
"Colorful Fowers" −RiLi, picture book, illustration, design ___ "色とりどりの花" −リリ, 絵本, イラスト, デザイン ...... #illustration #flower #colorful #イラスト #花 #色
flowers and plants with the words simply flowers written in black ink on a white background
Flower plano e Colletion folha #Colletion #Flower #folha #plano
two young women are holding up a heart shaped light that is hanging on the wall
Seeing Stars (and Stripes, and Polka Dots) with Tess & Sarah
Seeing Stars (and Stripes, and Polka Dots) with Tess & Sarah - Urban Outfitters - Blog
the perfect circle cupcake & co logo on a pink background with white polka dots
Kayla Adams | New branding done for @cupcakeryandco
the words peach of cake are on a pink background
Mel Volkman
Custom Logo by Mel Volkman for Peach of Cake Branding