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an enclosed backyard with grass and plants
Kattenren tuin | De veiligste kattenrennen van topkwaliteit.
the inside of a building with metal mesh walls and doors on each side, along with several shelves
Corona - Custom Catios
a caged in area with wood and plants
30+ DIY Catio Ideas That Are Totally Pawsome
a large wooden structure with stairs and windows
How to build a catio your cat will love
an outdoor cat house made out of wooden pallets and metal mesh fencing with doors open
Kattenren tuin | De veiligste kattenrennen van topkwaliteit.
an outdoor area with wooden stairs and caged in area
4Wire Catio Cat Run Lean To 6ft x 9ft x 7ft5" Waterproof Roof Enclosure
a black dog is standing in the grass inside an enclosed area with stairs and potted plants
Hex seems to approve of the new catio
two animals are playing in a tree with a cat climbing on the base and another animal eating out of it's food bowl
a wooden deck with plants and baskets on it