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four different types of font and numbers on the same page
Modena | Duo with 6 Free Logos
Modena | Duo with 6 Free Logos by Jen Wagner Co on @creativemarket
an info sheet showing the different types of computers
Today’s business world runs on presentations . . . sales meetings, board presentations, investor pitches and conference keynotes. It seems the problem is no one knows how to create a good PowerPoint presentation. One that is engaging and powerful and ultimately sells your idea or product. Here are ten tips you can use to create better presentations or what I call a better Visual Story.
an aerial view of clouds and mountains with the letter g above them
AG – The finished logo by Maxime Siméon on Inspirationde
AG – The finished logo by Maxime Siméon
a poster with different logos and numbers on it's sides, including the words logo design
Logo Design Trends To Look Out For In 2017 | Entrepreneur
These trends are likely to strengthen and become even more popular in the new year