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a man standing on top of a stage next to a microphone and purple light behind him
an image of a cartoon character touching someones face with the caption as me pongo si no escucho trance
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the simpsons character is blow drying his hair in the bathroom with another cartoon character behind him
dry those tears darling. he’s not worth it
the simpsons is looking at himself in the mirror while he's on the beach
A l y a n n a
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the simpsons is sitting on his bed with toys
bart simpson sad
Lisa vegetariana Quotes, Sad Quotes, Feelings Quotes, Deep Thoughts, Lost, Sad Breakup, Mood Quotes
Lisa vegetariana
the simpsons character is holding his finger up to his face
im crying for you.
the simpsons character is covering his face with one hand and looking at an electronic device
Stop crying, stop crying
the simpsons character is surrounded by hearts
emotionally and physically Photo Profil, Bart Simpson, Iphone Wallpaper, How Are You Feeling, Tumblr, Wallpapers
emotionally and physically
the simpsons is looking at something with heart eyes
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what drives you crazy?
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