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two young boys with red hair and one is holding a white dog, the other has an orange haired boy
° HOME ° CHENJI ° [✓] - 26 ° Ending note
two texts are shown with the same person's face and one has an image on it
a man in a pink shirt and tie standing next to the water with his arms outstretched
three young men standing next to each other with the caption saying thinking deeply about how good jehyn looks at this angle when nobody should look
an image of two people holding carrots in their hands and the caption reads, remember during not life - food challenge challenge they were told to
Winwin being adorable
an image of two people wearing headsets and one has pink hair, the other is orange
Boy From Nowhere | Jaeyong [✓]
a row of red boxes sitting on top of an escalator
an image of a person laughing and holding a stuffed animal in front of the caption that says, don't you just love when he laugh like this
Whatta bunny
a group of people standing next to each other on top of a train track in front of a building
«Memes NCT»
two young men sitting next to each other in front of a wall with the caption before school at school after school
Doyoung snapped after he opened instegram😅
an image of a man's face in a box with the caption, be there or be square
dating hotline || nct dream
a small rabbit hiding under a blanket next to a white mouse on the ground and captioning, doyoung meeting renun for the first time
two people with different facial expressions and one has an emotication on his face
I'd give him the whole world if he wanted