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a drawing of a woman's head with different hair colors and words on it
basil (@BasiilLeaf) on X
Basil 🍓ART SHOP OPEN !! on Twitter: "ART TUTORIAL: How to do an art study! (artist referenced is @ askziye!) pt 1" / Twitter
an anime character with long hair wearing a hoodie and glasses, looking at the camera
several hands are shown with different angles
the instructions for making an anime character's eye with blue eyes and long eyelashes
ブックマーク / Twitter | Digital art beginner, Digital painting tutorials, Art tutorials
two people standing next to each other in white and brown clothing, one with his back turned towards the camera
Danibee/외주 문의🎀 (@danibee_kim) on X
four different images of a person with long hair, wearing a black shirt and holding his head
an image of different types of clothing on display