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a poster with an image of a human's stomach and the caption that reads, fun fact humans are deplerostors, which means that they develoms, which
U know them
an open door with the words, i visited my grandparents's yesterday
So I visited my grandparents yesterday...
a black and white sign that says dads know a lot of grandpas know everything
50 Happy Father's Day Quotes To Show Your Dad How Much You Appreciate Him
i saw 2 guys wearing matching outfits and asked if they were gay? they are interested me
I thought they were - Funny
a cartoon drawing of two people, one is holding the other's head and looking at
Wenn's passt, dann passt's.
Funny Signs, Nurse Humor, Just In Case
a black and white photo with the words husband died, a few years later the wife died
This will make you laugh
Man saw a lady with big breasts - Lady, Fictional Characters, Mexican Problems, A Lady, Man, Saw, The Man, Breast, Oldies
Man saw a lady with big milky jugs - Day Jokes
Man saw a lady with big breasts -
the text is written in black and white
Funny Pictures Of The Day - 60 Pics
a white coffee mug with black writing on it
a card with an image of a man standing in front of a dog house, and the text welcome back sir are you planning on being our guest for one night every
Married life
two cows are looking at a map with the caption that says, that awkward moment
Funny Pictures Of The Day - 79 Pics
an older woman with a backpack talking to another lady in front of a door and the caption reads, bunton pads, linen reading glasses, hot water bottle bottle
Growing Old