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the words crush nga kita and kult mo are written in black ink
para sa crush niyong manhid
hi crush ilang parinig pa ba????? Napaka manhid mk
the words it's up to you pekpek mo van on a pink background
the letters are black and white with dots on them, which appear to be in different languages
ndi b...
#filipinomemes #missu
an apple with the caption'a is for and ba talaga tayo? '
a birthday cake with the words pasabi happy bday tix on it
a man in a suit pointing at the camera with his finger up and texting that reads, kapag hindi no kayang higitan, sihan, sraan mo
an anime character with blonde hair and red shirt in front of a crowd text reads, w
a man in a purple shirt with the words sorry par di ako pinayagan ni mama gumala e naha tinatama
a woman lifting a barbell in front of the olympic rings
a text message with an image of a man in the middle and two words below it
a person with sunglasses on holding a heart shaped object
haha hayszt . . .
an image of a man with long hair and beards in front of a demon