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a computer monitor sitting on top of a desk next to a keyboard and mouse in front of a wall covered with pictures
Amy’s Integrated Office Space
Amy's Integrated Office Space
the closet is full of various items and things to put on it's shelves
Top 10 Tricks for Organizing Your Dorm Room — Abell Organizing
One of Abell Organizing's Top 10 Tricks for Organizing Your Dorm Room is to use vertical space in your dorm with the help of our elfa Overdoor & Wall Racks! They can be used long after graduation, too!
two pens are sitting on top of a purple case
Quick and easy notebook pen holder via instructables
an open book sitting on top of a table next to a red and white cover
Journal Pen Holder
Journal Pen Holder 2 pocket for pen and pencil with elasitc to hold it in place. I really need to make me some of these.
an organized family binder with the text organize your organization in one spot includes tips and free printables
Make a Family Binder
Make a family binder - with printables & tips. Learn how to organize your files to make life easier!
a poster with instructions for how to wash clothes
The Daily 7 For a Highly Successful Household
7 daily chores to do to keep your house neat and tidy
the ultimate planner review is here
Anchored Women
Find Your Perfect Planner -
the 30 days to an organized life poster is shown in blue and white with words on it
30 Days to an Organized Life
30 Days to an Organized Life
a desk with some pictures on the wall
Home Office - space between my open dinning room/living area. Maybe this would work in my small space?
there are three ipods plugged into the charger in this box, and one is connected to an mp3 player
50 Organizational Tips That'll Make You Go Ah-Ha Part 2 - Beautifully BellaFaith
a person is opening an old book with some papers
Elegant Organization: Velvet Desktop Organizer
DIY Velvet desktop organizer - using album and file folder.
the journal pen holder is made with fabric and has two pens in it, sitting on top of each other
Journal Pen Holder
Journal Pen Holder
a bed sitting next to a night stand with a lamp on it's side
One Yard Wonders Sew Along – Week 3 Finished Projects | ilovefabric blog
book and magazine holder