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Whether you are a beginner or an expert gardener, we're sharing our BEST gardening tips and advice so you can plant with success throughout all seasons.
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an easy diy self watering planter that's great for the garden
DIY Self-Watering Planter (Step-by-Step Instructions)
How to easily convert a plastic container into a DIY self-watering planter. With this self-watering system, you fill a reservoir via a pipe at the side, and it wicks moisture up to the potting mix above. It can dramatically cut down the time you spend watering, and you’ll also use less water since there’s little to evaporate from the surface. This is a great beginner project for those who have travel plans or want to save time in the garden #diygarden #containergarden
a vegetable garden with vegetables growing in containers and text overlay that reads, quick start guide to starting a container veggie garden
Quickstart Guide to Container Vegetable Gardening
Tips on how to grow food in a container garden, including guidance on what you'll need, the best plants to grow, and how to fill and care for your container vegetable garden #gardening #garden #urbangardening #containergarden
how to grow and attract indigo blue dye
Homegrown Indigo Pigment Extraction
How to grow Japanese indigo and extract pure indigo pigment from its leaves. Includes tips on growing it from seed, harvesting, and processing the leaves for indigo pigment powder #naturaldye #naturaldyeing #indigo #bluedye #soapcolorant
the best trees to grow in containers
Potted Trees: the Best Container Trees to Grow in Pots - Garden Therapy
Growing trees in containers is an easy way to add a variety of color, texture, and size to your outdoor garden or patio space, as well as an effective solution for small-space gardens that don’t have the room for full-sized trees. Here are the best potted trees to add to your garden. #Gardening #GardenProject #GardenCrafts GardenArt #Garden #Plants #Nature #GardenTherapy #ContainerGarden #Tree
some plants that are growing in the ground and with text overlay saying 7 ways to make bean supports
7 Ways to Make Bean Supports for Climbing Beans
A comprehensive look at DIY bean supports and bean trellises for growing climbing beans. Includes the best way to grow beans using the three sisters method, controlling pole bean growth, and instructions for making a bean teepee trellis and a double row bean trellis #garden #diygarden #vegetablegarden
how to grow garlic in the garden with pictures and text overlay that reads, how to grow great garlic
How to grow Organic Garlic: Planting, Growing, & Harvesting
Tips on how to grow garlic including recommended varieties, planting direct and in modules, aftercare, harvesting, and storage. Advice uses low-cost organic gardening methods and includes a video on how to braid garlic #gardening #gardeningtips #vegetablegarden
a woman kneeling down in front of a garden box filled with strawberries and plants
How to Plant a Strawberry Pallet Planter
This is how to plant a strawberry pallet planter, with advice on lining it, growing strawberries, and the right potting mix. Strawberry pallet planters are handmade containers that allow you to grow an incredible number of strawberry plants in a small space. They're easy to make with just a single wood pallet and DIY tools and are perfect for growing food on patios and in container gardens. #containergarden #diygarden #planter #garden
how to make an all natural diy fertilizer for garden plants and flowers
How to Make DIY Plant Fertilizer for the Vegetable Garden
Make inexpensive homemade fertilizer for your vegetable garden from foraged and waste materials. Includes DIY fertilizers you can make from seaweed, comfrey, and nettles and suitable for the organic garden. #gardenngtips #organicgarden #vegetablegarden
seeding pots and plants with text overlay that reads diy recycled seeding pots & seed starting ideas
12 Seed Starting Ideas using Recycled Materials
DIY Recycled Seedling Pots & Seed Starting Ideas
a person cutting leaves with scissors on a wooden fence in front of some bushes and trees
Gardening With Back Pain: 7 Tips From an Experienced Gardener - Garden Therapy
As someone who suffers from chronic pain, I’ve learned ways to prevent these flare-ups from happening and make gardening easier on my body. Here are my best tips for gardening with back pain. #wellness #backpain #chronicpain #spoonie #nature #outdoors #gardening #garden #naturelover #plants #gardentips #gardentherapy
seeding pots and plants with text overlay that reads diy recycled seeding pots & seed starting ideas
DIY Recycled Seedling Pots & Seed Starting Ideas
DIY Recycled Seedling Pots & Seed Starting Ideas including newspaper plant pots and using plastic bottles as cloches #gardening #gardenhack #vegetablegarden
seeding pots and plants with text overlay that reads diy recycled seeding pots & seed starting ideas
12 Seed Starting Ideas using Recycled Materials
DIY Recycled Seedling Pots & Seed Starting Ideas
an easy indoor water garden in a glass bowl with moss balls on the table top
Hello, Marimo. - Garden Therapy
Roundish, green, and mossy—this unique indoor plant is full of personality! Marimo moss balls are equally strange and charming, allowing them to grow in popularity as interesting house plants. Learn all about this unique indoor plant. #Plants #Gardener #Gardening #GardenIdeas #GardenProject #GardeningTips #Nature #Homesteading #Farm #Houseplant #IndoorPlant #PlantCare #GrowingGuide #GardenHacks #PlantHacks #Flowers #FlowerGarden #GardenTherapy
pumpkins growing in the garden with text overlay that reads how to grow pumpkins
How to Grow Pumpkins the Easy Way
Successful and easy tips for how to grow pumpkins and winter squash. Includes information on choosing the right varieties, preparing the soil, starting with good seeds, and dealing with challenges such as powdery mildew #gardeningtips #vegetablegarden #growfood
several different types of flowers in pots with the words 6 tips for growing sweet peas
6 Easy Tips for growing Sweet Peas
Top tips for growing sweetly scented sweet peas. Includes how to sow seeds, growing sweet peas in containers, and choosing the right sweet pea variety for your garden #gardening #flowergarden #cutflowers