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a person is holding a roll of fabric near a washer
45 Hugely Helpful Handy Hints
45 Hugely Helpful Handy Hints
Expandable Closet Tension Shelf Storage Rack for Wardrobe, Kitchen, Bathroom
MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Suitable to fit in kitchen cupboard, wardrobe, airing cupboard, under sink, bathroom wash table. Any where you wanted to add extra storage space.
a ball of yarn with a keychain attached to it
DIY : Porte-clés macramé Kesi'Art - Kesi'Art - le Blog
DIY : Porte-clés macramé - Kesi'Art - le Blog
there are many different key pieces on the white background with words that say key pieces
Easy peasy DIY für Schlüsselkinder
a black and white bag with some scissors in it
Remington 1.5" Ceramic Barrel Instant Curls Curling Iron -
A simple fix for easy access and organization to your daily 'tools' ;) File holder for 1.00 at Target in their dollar bins at the front of the store!
there are many pictures of different clothes being made
recicla tus blusas
two women in yellow shirts and jeans posing for the camera with their hands on their hips
De Camiseta a Blusa de Moda
Aprende con SANDRA PADILLA : De Camiseta a Blusa de Moda
a woman standing next to a wall wearing boots and a yellow sweater with the words before and after written on it
XL men's sweater > cute blazer
XL men's sweatshirt into a comfy cardigan~ this is genius. Uber cute and cozy...perfect fall day outfit!
an image of a woman making clothes out of paper
Cardigan Out of an Old Shirt - DIY - AllDayChic
Cardigan Out of an Old Shirt – DIY
a poster with different types of sewing stitches on it's sides and the words
Guide to Mastering Different Stitches [Infographic]
Guide to Mastering Different Stitches | Our beginner guide to machine stitches is a must-read for any sewing enthusiasts!
a white shirt with an open back and pleaed shoulders on a mannequin
Kleidung für Frauen -
T-Shirts uni V-Ausschnitt - Cut Out T-Shirt Weiß, S - ein Designerstück von LasLisArtes bei DaWanda
a woman wearing a black top with laces on the shoulders and neckline is standing in front of a white wall
DIY Lace Up Collar
I used an old large t shirt I had in my scrap had one sleeve for some reason. I also made my own trimming since I had the plier set. I advise to get the trimming from the fabric store. I saw it in black leather which would look fabulous for this shirt. I cut the bottom of a shirt hem edge and used that to put the metal eyelets on.
a woman standing in front of a building with her hand on her hip and looking at the camera
Buy directly from the world's most awesome indie brands. Or open a free online store.
free size:length:54cm,bust:102cm
a woman is standing in front of a toilet with the words diy on it
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