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a woman standing on top of a wooden walkway next to trees and boats in the water
Canopy Walk in ElNido Palawan
a gas station at night with cars parked in the parking lot and people standing outside
the most famous 7/11 #Elyu
two people are standing on rocks near the ocean at sunset or sunrise with their arms around each other
a woman standing in front of a sign for kasba at the entrance to a building
the back of a woman's head as she sits on rocks near the ocean
two people standing in front of a large brick structure with one holding the other's hand
a woman sitting on top of a wooden beach chair
a woman standing next to a surfboard on top of a sandy beach
New Balance 327 #Moonbeam
New Balance 327 #Moonbeam
a statue is in the middle of some plants and trees with a plaque on it
Pinto Art Museum
the entrance to an apartment building with palm trees and gated in area around it
Pinto Art Museum
a white dress hanging from a ceiling with icicles on it and a wheel chair in the foreground
Pinto Art Museum
there are many pictures on the wall in this building and one is falling off it
Pinto Art Museum
an intricately carved sculpture is displayed in a museum
Pinto Art Museum