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an oil painting of a native american man holding two arrows and looking at the camera
Native American Art & Culture
American Horse Councilor for Peace | Native American Art & Culture ...
a woman dressed in native american clothing with feathers on her head and arms, standing against a gray background
Wôbanaki Women's Clothing from 1770
two women dressed in medieval clothing standing next to each other on the grass near tents
Eastern Woodlands Native American Clothing
Eastern Woodlands Regalia - The Wandering Bull
an assortment of native american items are displayed on a blue tablecloth with red, white and black feathers
Deer Hide pouch
a necklace with red feathers hanging from it's side on a gray surface,
Wôbanaki Men's Clothing from 1700
an assortment of antique items including scissors and other accessories
Wôbanaki Men's Clothing from 1770
a series of photos showing different faces with black and white painted on them
Tribal Facepainting Concept « Agostino Arts
Pequot and Mohegan Legends, Myths, and Traditional Indian Stories Indian, Chickasaw Indians, Indians, Chickasaw, Indian Legends, Armenian People, American, Indian Trails
Pequot and Mohegan Tribal Stories. Myths, and Legends
Pequot and Mohegan Legends, Myths, and Traditional Indian Stories