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an ornate wooden cabinet with painted flowers on the front and sides, sitting on a table
an old wooden box with a door open and a bird statue on the top of it
the diagram shows how to draw a square with circles and dots on it, as well as
Oval Milegro
an ornate box with a golden crown on top
Interview with Artist Laurie Mika Hastypearl
a statue of the virgin mary in front of a purple wall
three decorative boxes with pictures on them
Mini Gothic Shrines with Laurie Mika | Create Along Studio
an old pink door with flowers in front of it
AnitaSperoDesign - Etsy
two pieces of art that are sitting on top of a white surface, one with an image of the virgin mary in it
the statue is next to an open book and some other items on a black surface
an open book with pictures on it and the pages cut out to look like paintings
Gate fold ATC