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a close up of a person with black and white makeup on their face, wearing red lipstick
an image of a man with white makeup on his face and chest sitting in a chair
Paul Stanley..Call the Firehouse
the kiss band is posing for a photo in their costumes and makeup looks like they're
KISS: Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons.
a woman with white makeup and black hair
Paul Stanley Photo: Paul Stanley 1978
an image of a man that is on stage with his arms in the air and holding a guitar
Paul Stanley of Kiss' 20 Best Onstage Quotes
a man with purple hair and makeup on his face
Wouldn't You Like To Know Me Paul Stanley
two men in costumes sitting at a table with microphones and paint cans on it
a woman with black makeup and white make up
a man in black and white makeup holding a guitar with gold glitter on it's body
History With An Attitude
a man sitting on top of a pair of boots in front of a mirror with his legs crossed
KISS Photo: Paul Stanley
Paul Stanley - KISS Photo (37424114) - Fanpop
two men dressed in costumes posing for a photo
Somewhere In Time
a man with white makeup holding a guitar
a woman with black hair and blue eyes holding a microphone in her hand while standing next to a red wall
Paul Stanley of Kiss in 1978 by petnick on DeviantArt
a man dressed in black and white holding a guitar
How Paul Stanley Keeps Fit
How KISS Frontman Paul Stanley Keeps Fit - Men's Journal
an image of a man with long hair on the cover of rolling stone's magazine
PAUL STANLEY pinup - Pretty boy! Nice lips! - ZTAMS Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars