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a red heart with the words i need you in my normal days
Jonaxx fan arts
an arrow with the words owned by an elgarde written in gold and pink
Credits to Sone Mel
the words knoxx montefalco on a colorful background
Jonaxx fan arts, credits to the owner
a bar code with the words heartless on it
the front and back covers of various greeting cards with different words on them, including an image of a piano
a poem written in black and white on a blue background with the words, i love you
Credit to the owner
Yazzz Mendoza, Starco, Sss, Media, Characters
Jonaxx Stories Jokes and Memes
a man with flowers in his hair and the words azrrael i am montefalco
a poster with different types of words and pictures on the back of it, including an image of a woman's face
Jonaxx fan arts, credits to the owner
a man with short black hair and no shirt on is smiling at the camera, in front of an abstract background
an image of a cake with the words owned by an elgadlee
Credits to the owner.
i'm rozen's wife poster with flowers and leaves on white background
some type of lettering that is on top of a white sheet with words in different colors
Credits to Ellise Dane