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a young man sitting on top of a white stool wearing a black shirt and jeans
『Bench/ より』
a man holding a bunch of flowers in front of his face while standing next to a wall
a man standing in front of a swimming pool
『JILL STUART SPORT 2019summer』
Korean Male Actors, Septième Art, Kim Woo Bin
パク・ソジュン!Park Seojun!! 박서준!!!
a woman in an orange hoodie holding a plate with marshmallows on it
phylì⁷✰ on Twitter
a young man reading a book while wearing a basketball uniform
『"쌈,마이웨이” パクソジュン、ドンマンを送る最後の日』
a young man standing in front of a window with his eyes closed and looking at the camera
パク・ソジュン!Park Seojun!! 박서준!!!
a young man in a blue jacket looking at the camera
Park seo joon "♡♡♡ on We Heart It
a man laying on top of a bed next to a white wall with his head down
Khottie of the Week: Park Seo Joon - Kchat Jjigae
a man standing next to a small white dog in front of a red backdrop with a black suit on
Photo: A dapper Park Seo Joon and his cute pet dog Simba are up to their old shenanigans during a photoshoot
two young men standing next to each other holding tennis racquets
"쌈,마이웨이” パクソジュン、ドンマンを送る最後の日の画像
a young man holding a disc in his hands