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three cement planters filled with colorful flowers sitting on the side of a building next to a window
15 Unique and Beautiful Container Garden Ideas - Sanctuary Home Decor
a potted plant with the words diy concrete planters in white over it
DIY Large Fluted Cement Planters - Jenna Sue Design
DIY Large Fluted Cement Planters
there are many lemon trees lined up in the courtyards and on the steps to the building
25 Cost-Effective Backyard Landscaping Ideas to Try
​The next on my list is probably one of the easiest backyard landscape ideas that artfully combines potted trees and plants. Just look at these lemon trees in their big containers! What a stunning visual effect! Not only will this idea give your backyard a unique vibe, but it’s affordable and allows you to play with colors to give your outdoor space a dream-garden look.
a potted plant with purple flowers in front of a yellow house
12 Beautiful Shrubs To Grow In Pots