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two cartoon characters are sitting on the floor in front of a large sign that says it is
Evidence by CoyoteRom on DeviantArt
a drawing of a teddy bear hugging someone's face with one paw on the ground
BlehMaster7 User Profile | DeviantArt
a yellow teddy bear with big eyes holding a green object in its arms and smiling
TAWoG] Penny by yojt765 on DeviantArt
a cartoon character is holding onto another character
cat scratch rush | The Amazing World Of Gumball
an image of blue cartoon characters doing different things
Nicole hugs Gumball having a nightmare by killb94 on DeviantArt
two cartoon characters with different expressions and words
Broke? Not here in my limited edition gold encrusted dictionary
an image of a comic strip with the same cartoon character and text that reads, the marriage
TAWoG FanComic: The Marriage by RadiumIven on DeviantArt
the same cartoon is shown in two different pictures, one with an audience and another with characters
This makes me weep for Cartoon Network - FunSubstance
cartoon characters in the same room
Picture memes me7YQxra6: 1 comment — iFunny
an image of a cartoon character with snowflakes on the background and chinese characters
Yuki-Onna Carrie and Kappa Darwin
an image of cartoon characters in front of a red background
Gaturo: Photo