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a dog is laying on the floor looking at the camera
Blue heeler pup Design, Van, Happiness, Instagram, Dodge Challenger, Kylie Jenner, Blue Heeler Dogs, Blue Heelers, Heeler
blue heeler, Mae Mae
a dog sitting on top of a wet ground next to some rocks and mountains in the background
two dogs standing next to each other in the grass and one is holding its paw up
three dogs sitting next to each other on a dirt ground in front of a pile of logs
two dogs sitting in the back of a truck
a woman holding her dog in the back seat of a car while looking at it
a woman is holding a small dog in her arms and she has one eye open
Aggie Submitted by Sherry Dodson
a dog laying on the back seat of a car with its head resting on a tray
a dog sitting in the back seat of a car