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an old black and white photo of a man with a cane standing in the grass
November 14, 1875: Gregorio Del Pilar was Born in Bulacan
Gregorio Del Pilar, one of the youngest generals during the 1896 Philippine Revolution against Spain, was born in Bulacan, Bulacan on November 14, 1875
an image of different cartoon characters with spanish and english words in the middle one says, delicado delicado delicado
Oh well. It's okay Philippines - Comic & Webtoon
Oh well. It's okay Philippines
there is a sign that says wi - ple to go in the middle of a store
24 Things You'll Only Find In The Philippines
Wi-Pie to go.
four different faces with the same person in each one's face and text below them
two brooms that have been placed on top of each other, with the words mom where's the vacuum? here an akk use the saagd instead
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a pink background with text that reads, you know you're flipping when goldilocks means more to you than a character in a fairy tale
You know you're Filipino when...
Ok, if I get dis right, Goldilocks is a shop in da Philippines... cuz I saw one (or shud I say, juan) at the SM mall. xD bruh I swear the stuffz there are delicious. I always go buy some treats legit every week.
a woman standing behind a food stand selling donuts
filipino McDonald <3
a mcdonald's restaurant sign with the words sweet written below it and underneath it
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Only in da Philippines :-) sign referes to Mc Donald's #1 rival - Jollibee
a group of people sitting in front of a building with the caption'mi familia be like let's have a small bbq
Yeah that's my family.
a table full of different types of food with caption that reads, i'm not going back to the philippiness be like having a lot together for the pacula fight nothing big
Just another "casual" family get together, Filipino style. So true and too funny!
the words i am filipino, i can't keep calm in white on a red background