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Ambitious Artists Own Their Goals
Embrace the word ambition for your art and life. There is nothing wrong with wantingi more for yourself. Read: Ambitious Artists Own Their Goals from Alyson B. Stanfield, Art Biz Success
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The Impatient Artist: How Much Time Will Your Art Career Take? (encore)
The hard truth is that your art career needs time to develop. A lot of time. An unbearable amount of time for some people. In my experience, patient artists who are committed to their careers for the long haul are the ones who enjoy the ride, have a much healthier outlook, and, ultimately, reach their goals. They understand that there is no such thing as fast fame.
an overhead view of a table with flowers and other items on it that says is over - planning killing your art business?
How to Not Become Paralyzed by Planning
I love planning! But like many creative entrepreneurs, I find planning can be confining.
a woman sitting on a bench with the text 7 tips for staying focused on your goals
Tips for Staying Focused on Your Goals
You will encounter all kinds of roadblocks that test your resolve to achieve your art goals. Here are seven tips to help you maneuver around those barriers.