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Writing Your Artist Statement
There is no strict definition of and there are no precise guidelines for writing an artist statement. I suppose it would be a lot easier if there were a standard statement format, but there isn’t. Because of that, I've developed this guide to help you write your statement for your art business. My biases come from my background of more than two decades working with artists on their art careers. Communicating effectively about your art begins with your artist statement.
a yellow and white circle with the words free report compreensive exhibition checklist & timeline
Exhibition Checklist and Timeline
a piece of paper tied with twine and labeled how to price your art
How to Price Your Art
the title for 31 people who can help sell your art
31 People to Help Sell Your Art
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My Famous Eggnog Recipe
My Famous Eggnog Recipe | Art Biz Success
the text, great sheet for your art marketing tasks is shown in yellow and gray
Cheat Sheet for Your Art Marketing Tasks
Daily, weekly, and monthly routines to market your art and grow your art business. Free report from Alyson Stanfield and Art Biz Success.
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Insider Tips for Your Art Business
Free articles for helping artists with their art marketing and art business. Since 2004. From Alyson Stanfield and Art Biz Success.
a flyer with the words, artists how to respond to donation request for your art
Artists: Getting lots of requests to donate your art?