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Chris Maynard feather sculpture Art, Maynard, Bird Lovers, Birds In Flight, Balance, Artist, Chris, Life, Gallery
The Art Biz ep. 70: Seeking Balance with Chris Maynard
Chris seeks balance both in his work and life. Alyson wanted to know what the pursuit of balance looks like to him.
Belmar illustration by Ashley Lucas Inspiration, Studio, Children’s Books, 8x10 Print, Whimsy, Anthropomorphic, City Artwork
The Art Biz ep. 69: Leveraging Your Location with Ashley Lucas
Alyson talks with Ashley about how she sells more work by connecting with groups linked to a specific location.
Sema Martin pet portrait commissions
The Art Biz ep. 68: Procedures for Art Commissions with Sema Martin
Sema has a well defined set of procedures for anyone who wants to commission one of her pet portraits. Alyson walks through all of the steps with her on this episode.
Jeanne Rosier Smith | Art Biz Podcast Instagram, Art Business, Sudbury, Art Of Living, Art Biz, Marketing Opportunities, S Wave, New England, Diy Design
The Art Biz ep. 67: Growing Your Art Business on Instagram with Jeanne Rosier Smith
Jeanne shares how she grew her art business organically on Instagram--in a way that is fun for her and allows her to connect with more people.
an abstract painting with blue and purple colors
The Art Biz ep. 66: The Benefits of Blogging About Your Art with Lisa Call
Lisa attributes all of her success as an artist to keeping up her blog since 2005. Episode #66
a man pouring something into a glass on top of a white table next to a cup
The Art Biz ep. 31: Building a Legacy Brand and Destination with Sean VanderVliet
In just a few years, Sean VanderVliet has created a brand and a buzz around his functional pottery. A number of Denver’s finest restaurants commission Sean for their signature dinnerware. Among the business lessons Sean shares in episode 31 of the Art Biz Podcast is that not everyone is a customer. LISTEN NOW >>>
a woman is jumping in the air near a building with a pink sign on it
The Art Biz ep. 30: Multi-State Multi-Year Multi-Artist Art Project with Marilyn Artus
What do you do if you're a passionate feminist artist and want to celebrate such an auspicious occasion as the 100th anniversary of the ratification of women's right to vote in the U.S.? You GO BIG! Marilyn Artus tells us about the concept and logistics behind Her Flag in episode 30 of the Art Biz Podcast. LISTEN NOW >>>
a stack of books sitting on top of a wooden table next to a vase filled with flowers
The Art Biz ep. 51: Imperfect Journaling for Artists with Cynthia Morris
Don't keep a journal to satisfy my utter fascination with artists' journals. Keep one for yourself. Write things down in order to remember and reflect. And keep writing because it contributes to your art marketing. In episode 51 of the Art Biz Podcast, Cynthia Morris and I talk about a framework for journaling, what types of journals we like, the value of writing by hand, and how to use prompts. LISTEN NOW >>>
an overhead view of a green and white circular object in the middle of the image
The Art Biz ep. 52: Making Art While Grieving Loss with Jan Heaton
We will all grieve about something at one point or another. It's an emotion we share. In episode 52 of the Art Biz Podcast, I talk with Jan Heaton about how she worked through, and is still working through, 11 years of grief. (painting here ©Jan Heaton) LISTEN NOW >>>
a painting of a white dog looking at it's own reflection in a mirror
The Art Biz ep. 50: Guidelines for Your Artist Statement
I want to talk about a document you can revisit (or perhaps face for the first time) that gives you power (control) over how your art is perceived: your artist statement. When you want to become part of the critical discourse—to have others consider your work for venues, grants, residencies, and articles—you can't neglect writing your artist statement. Painting featured ©Nancy Bass. LISTEN NOW >>> Art Biz Podcast episode 50
an open door leading to a living room with a painting on the wall
The Art Biz ep. 49: A Year of Cleaning with Daryl Johnson
Most people who know they're going to move delay the hard part of getting rid of things until packing time. Not Daryl Johnson. She made a year-long plan to alleviate much of the stress by recycling, donating, gifting, and selling many of her possessions—a little at a time. She shares her process in episode 49 of the Art Biz Podcast >>> LISTEN NOW
a woman holding a white dog in her arms while standing next to a table with paintings on it
The Art Biz ep. 48: Why Make Art Now
Before you can even begin to think about business at a time like this, you might need to come to grips with an existential question: Why make art at all? Why make it now? If you’ve ever questioned the reason for making art, you’re not alone. There are at least 5 reasons why you should continue making art at this moment. LISTEN NOW >>> Art Biz Podcast episode 48
six cards with different designs on them sitting next to each other in front of a wooden table
Add delight to your marketing strategy (it's for you, too!)
Email is terrific. It’s fast, inexpensive, and connects to other online resources. But along with email comes a few headaches—primarily, and I don’t have to tell you this, too much of it. It might be worth trying a different tactic—to revisit a strategy for sending real mail that lands in a real mailbox. Photo here: Margaret Bremner's cards. LISTEN NOW >>> Art Biz Podcast episode 47
an origami bird sitting on top of a stack of books
The Art Biz ep. 46: Structure Your Days to Be in Control of Your Art Business Now
So much of what is happening during Covid-19 is beyond your control. You can’t control how many people get sick. You can’t control how fast coronavirus spreads. You can’t control what our leaders do, but you can control how you react. It’s critical for your well being that you pay attention to what is in your control. This is going to make you feel much more optimistic about the future, and give you fuel to carry on. LISTEN NOW >> Art Biz Podcast episode 46
a woman sitting at a table with a book in her hand and smiling for the camera
The Art Biz ep. 45: The Impatient Artist: How Much Time Will Your Art Career Take? (encore)
I originally started noticing this almost desperate desire for artists to make fast money at the height of the recession. Artists lost day jobs and, while they were excited to be able to focus on their art, they needed income to start rolling in much more quickly than was reasonable. The hard truth is that your art career needs time to develop. An unbearable amount of time. Cynthia Morris and I discuss this topic in episode 45 of the Art Biz Podcast >>LISTEN NOW