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the flag of france with a gold fleur de lis on it's side
Flags on MapsAndFlags - DeviantArt
the flag of hong is shown in red and white, with leaves on it's side
Flag of the Kingdom of Fiore (Sebastian's World) by CyberPhoenix001 on DeviantArt
the flag of the united states with an eagle emblem on it's chest and wings
A Flag for Rome
the flag of the state of colorado with an orange center and white flower on it
the logo for chandelier is shown in white on a green background with an oval shape
Lists of Japanese municipal flags - Wikipedia
the letter w in a circle on a green background
File:Flag of Yamagata, Yamagata.svg - Wikipedia
the letter o in a circle on a blue background
List of municipal flags of Tōhoku region - Wikipedia
a green and white flower with four petals
South Korea Alternate Flags
an animal's head is shown on the side of a brown and yellow background
Volk Dynasty Flag by SkullSmithy on DeviantArt
the flag of hong is shown in yellow and blue
Hong Kong flag redesign
a red and blue design with two snakes on it's face, in the middle of
Y'all Ready for Some Revenge: Montezuma Style? - Aztec Flag
an orange and brown sun on a blue background
Flag of the Aztec Empire
a clock with leaves and a pencil in the shape of a wreath on a blue background
Here's How All 50 State Flags Would Look As App Icons