I want my room to be this 😭

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a white book shelf with books and plants on top
an image of various items that are on the table with it's screen open
a room with pink walls and pictures on the wall next to a lamp, bookshelf and flowers
ig: @ohmynameiskaylee 🧚🏻‍♂️📖
a white book shelf filled with books next to a night stand and lamp on top of a bed
a white shelf with books and flowers on it
book cart
there is a book shelf with many books on it and a potted plant in the corner
a shelf with various items on it in a home office area, including books and cds
a bedroom with bookshelves and pictures on the wall above the bed, along with a teddy bear
my room
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a shelf filled with pictures
a white book shelf filled with lots of books
a cork board with pictures and magnets on it
Lemon8 · Wall Art Inpo · @Fiona Dunphy🥭🪩