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an outdoor table with food and drinks on it next to a swimming pool in the background
La Maison Marrakech
a woman sitting on the floor in front of an outdoor pool with food and drinks
La Maison Marrakech
La Maison Marrakech – Tara Milk Tea
a tray with glasses and a teapot on it next to a potted plant
La Maison Marrakech
an indoor swimming pool with plants and food on the table next to it, surrounded by potted cacti
La Maison Marrakech
some food is sitting on a plate next to a candle
La Maison Marrakech
an indoor hot tub surrounded by potted plants, candles and other decorative items on the wall
La Maison Marrakech
an outdoor swimming pool with steps leading up to it and a pergolated roof
Gallery of Star House / Xavier Salas Arquitectos - 11
an indoor swimming pool surrounded by plants and wicker hanging from the ceiling over it
Heritage Suites Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia - Explore & Book
an outdoor patio with table and chairs next to a swimming pool
Big Ideas for 25 Small Pool Designs
the pool is surrounded by wooden decks and an above ground swimming pool
16 Gorgeous Pool Deck Designs and Ideas to Inspire Your Backyard Oasis