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Easy 15-min. Vegetable Fried Rice
Vegetable Fried Rice. Fluffy rice fried with broccoli and mixed vegetables, garlic, green onions with soy sauce and sesame oil. A popular Chinese food. Ready in 15 minutes! Recipe link:
Spicy Thai Basil Fried Rice
Spicy Thai Basil Fried Rice is bursting with fiery flavors and aromatic Thai basil, and the best part is it can be whipped up in 20 MINUTES! So, grab your wok, and let’s get cooking!
Golden Chili Oil Fried Rice
Asian Shrimp Fried Rice – Quick Recipe
The easiest shrimp fried rice recipe you can make with leftover vegetables in your fridge, with tips and tricks on how to prevent a mushy, clumpy fried rice! The trick? Cold leftover rice!
easy sandwich
two sandwiches are on a plate next to some cherries