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a young boy wearing a purple sweater and white collared shirt is posing for the camera
SMA - Nct 2018
two children standing in front of a grandfather clock
Their friendship 🥺💞
a young man laying on the ground holding a cell phone
jeno 🫶🏻
two people standing next to each other posing for a photo with their fingers in the air
four polaroid photos of young men with hair in buns and wearing blue shirts
jeno nctdream
three televisions with two young men on them
a man holding up his cell phone to take a selfie with the other hand
Jeno lockscreen
a young man wearing a face mask and green jacket with his hand in the air
a young man standing on stage with his hands in his pockets
an autographed photograph of a person sitting on a chair with a camera in his hand
two young men standing next to each other in front of a wall with lights on it
Bad Boy : Lee Jeno✓
a young boy holding a teddy bear in his backpack at the station with no one around him
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