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"Justin" (Justin De Dios)

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"Ken" (Felip Jhon Suson)

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[SB19 MEMBER PROFILE]  Stellevester "STELL" Ajero June 16, 1995 24 years old Position: Main Vocalist

"Stell" (Stellevester Ajero)

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"Josh" (Josh Cullen Santos)

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"Sejun" (John Paulo Nase)

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SB19 Ken
my man xori gurls
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SB19 ken
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SB19 Ken
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SB19 josh
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SB19: Sejun
SB19 :The first ever filipino boy group trained under korean entertainment company.
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[#SB19_JOSH] Those who risk and fail are better than those who decide to do nothing. Do not be afr
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Josh - SB19