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an open notebook with stickers and pens on the pages, next to a pen
[SWIPE FOR MORE PICTS] And this is the overall my first july bujo! Tbh i really like the colors combined and i hope you guys do like it too. And finally I arrived at my home, i was so tired but already miss lombok so much i wish i could go there again, even though my college still starts in August i'll might be just staying home for this whole july so i really sorry if i post a lot in this month bc i got nothing to do as well hahaha. Have a nice day guys! . . . . . . Names of the day go...
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an open notebook with the words self care written in different languages and pictures on it
Self-care Sunday? Take a moment to focus on you because you are very important!
a notebook with some writing on it next to two markers and a pen, which is laying on a white surface
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BUJO | 25+ Bullet Journal Ideas
an open planner book with clothes pins and magnets attached to it, on top of a newspaper
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four frames with blank paper attached to them
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the inside of a planner with pink and black writing on it's pages, including pictures