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Jeongyeon Suwon, J Pop, K Pop, Twice Kpop, Kpop Girl Groups, Twice Jungyeon, Nayeon, Jpop, Twice
a young woman is standing on the catwalk with flowers in her hand and smiling at the camera
princess, look at how they stare at you with eyes of awe; your beauty is like no other, can you see?
Seoul Music Award 190115 Selfie, Seoul, Mina
Seoul Music Award 190115
a young woman is holding a banana and posing for the camera while wrapped in a blanket
#jeongyeon #twice #kpop #yoojeongyeon #idol #jyp #koreanmusic #jeongyeontwice #asia
a girl in a green and white outfit is making the peace sign with her hand
TWICE - Jungyeon
a woman wearing glasses and a black coat is walking down the street with her hand on her hip
Korean Girl, Asian Girl, Girl, Korea
Jeongyeon TWICE
a young woman wearing glasses and a beanie
Jeongyeon | Twice Mini Albums, Lady, Korean Idol
Jeongyeon | Twice
Hair Goals, Cool Girl, Kpop Idol, Hair Cuts
[181128] Asia Artist Award Outfits, Girl Crush, Kpop
[181128] Asia Artist Award