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an image of a creepy eye in the middle of a frame with flowers and skulls around it
#creepycute #pastelgoth #creepyasethetic #creepycore #pastelaesthetic
a painting of a house in the middle of a field with daisies and trees
an image of a house with rabbits on the roof and people walking around in front
#cutewallpaper #cute #wallpaper #wallpaperforyourphone #lockscreen
a painting of a teddy bear holding flowers
a painting of a boat in a pond with flowers on the wall and steps leading up to it
The season of rebirth, fresh life and pastel colours has arrived heartwarming photosof spring in art
oil painting reproductions zendoodle art easter paintings on canvas As we settle into this autumn season, it’s important to remember to take some time for ourselves. Fall is generally filled to the brim with activities to do with friends and family. While this can be so fun, if you’re anything like me, it can also be a bit draining. That’s why during the fall I commit to getting some self-care in. I made a list of my 50 favorite fall-themed self care activities that I challenge you to make time
an oil painting of a house by the water with flowers in front of it and clouds above
an oil painting of clouds over a field with wildflowers in the foreground
an open door leading to a scenic view of a town