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a shower head with water coming out of it and a fire place in the background
Double Shower Heads and a Fire place to warm you when you get out. This needs to happen.
there is a red rug on the floor in front of the stairs and blue walls
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a white couch sitting in front of a large window
Projects | Gainsborough’s House
Private house by Hufton + Crow architecture for Found Associates
an old victorian style house in the middle of a green lawn with lots of bushes
Humboldt Gingerbread
Carson Mansion
a small brick house with a glass roof
Custom Greenhouses & Palm Rooms | Tanglewood Conservatories, Ltd.
Small glass house.
a black and white photo of a building with many circular structures on the top, in front of a body of water
| A N O M A L I E N | 2 0 0 9 |
Busan Opera House, South Korea by Praud
the house is surrounded by trees and has a view of the water from across the yard
Photographer Per Gunnarsson – My WordPress Blog
++ photo : per gunnarsson
a woman standing on top of a building with an umbrella over her head and two lounge chairs in the water
Centara offers island hopping for incentive tours - Rus Tourism News
a couch sitting on top of a wooden deck next to the ocean in front of some trees
A Peaceful California Retreat
A Peaceful California Retreat
the house is made out of wood and has an unusual roof that looks like a boat
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
S-House by KO+KO architects
an unusual white house with black windows and balconies
your daily dose of creativity – est 2010 | Insight and inspiration from the global creative industry
a very tall building with many windows on it's side
Kingkey 100 by Farrells
Kingkey 100 by Farrells
an empty kitchen with white counter tops and cabinets
Galería de Casa A / Iñigo Beguiristain + Vaillo & Irigaray - 1
all white.