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IMG_4065 by Siang Yung Wu on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Ochre Aesthetic, Brand Attributes, Lemon Color, Yellow Shades, Hufflepuff Aesthetic, Jaune Orange, Haiwan Lucu, Have Inspiration, Yellow Ochre
IMG_4065 by Siang Yung Wu on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an instax camera sitting on top of a bed next to eyeglasses
••• Lillpsycho •••
the sun is shining through two windows
Is it their sense of touch? Loving the feeling of the sun on your face
a tape measure is tied to a yellow background
Yellow | Giallo | Jaune | Amarillo | Gul | Geel | Amarelo | イエロー | Colour | Texture | Style | Form |
several books are lined up next to a yellow flower on a white surface with black lettering
A Page With a View
A Page With A View
a yellow bucket filled with sunflowers on top of a table
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> you make me feel a little less alone <
a yellow bag filled with pens and notebooks
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a yellow brick wall is shown in this image
Yellow Aesthetic
Yellow wall - Yellow Aesthetic
a plant is growing out of the window sill in front of yellow drapes
yellow aesthetic
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the shadow of a person's hand on a window sill with blinds in the background
"I keep hearing all these stupid things that I said with my stupid mouth." - Joanie by Silversage
a yellow car is parked on the side of the road in front of a tree
yeah, they were all yellow
My dream car has always been a classic beetle. @Vanessa Vasquez @priscilla mercado - remember grandpa had his and he called it(and Tib) "Bocho"?lol
many yellow balloons floating in the air with strings attached to them and stringed together
What Color is Your Personality?
Hufflepuff …