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an oval sticker with the words i'm cultured on it
I'm Cultured Sticker by STEM-women
Decorate laptops, Hydro Flasks, cars and more with removable kiss-cut, vinyl decal stickers. Glossy, matte, and transparent options in various sizes. Super durable and water-resistant. Perfect for those who live microbiology!
a sticker with an image of a bowl of soup and a wand sticking out of it
Microbiology Sticker, Streaking Plates, Biology Puns, Science Humour, Science Lab
Science-inspired pun stickers for anyone who thinks humour and science are the perfect match. Whether you are studying microbiology, cellular biology, immunology, genetics, pre-med etc., these stickers make a great addition to notebooks, laboratory equipment, phone cases, laptops, water bottles and more! Each sticker is made out of laminated vinyl, allowing it to be resistant against water and UV damage, discolouration, and scratches. STEM RULES
many different colored hearts are arranged together
Micro: Gram Neg Rods | iheartpathology