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a woman is holding up some grass in front of her house and she has two large baskets
The Backyard Farms on Instagram: "DIY Nesting Boxes Using Crates! If you are designing them for your chickens to actually lay eggs in them, I would recommend using wood shavings or the laying pads that are made out of hay. They seem to like laying on those more. I use the turf pads as shown in this video but only for the ground when they sleep to catch the poop during the night. What have you used to create nesting boxes? . YT: JerrasGarden #diy #farmlife #farming #homesteading #homestead #chickensofinstagram #chickens #chicken #poultry #doityourself"
a wooden bed frame sitting in the corner of a room next to a brick wall
Outdoor Camping
Keeping your coop clean---Cool Coops: Solar Powered and Full of Gadgets! -- Community Chickens
a chicken coop with hay in it and the words, 4 affordable ways to make a drop
4 Affordable Ways to Make a Dropping Board for Chicken Coop!
Transform your chicken coop with these wallet-friendly ideas! From repurposed materials to simple DIY hacks, find out how to create a droppings board. #ChickenCare #DIYChores #HomemadeSolutions
three mice sitting on top of corn with the words 5 easy ways to prevent rodents taking over your chicken coop
Rats, mice and how to keep them away from your chickens.
Because prevention is better than cure! 5 easy ways to stop rodents taking over your chicken coop. #backyardchickens #rats #chickencoop #ratsgetridof #backyardchickensbeginnerstips #rodentsgetridof
a wooden bench sitting in the middle of a room next to a trash can and garbage can
Our Chicken Coop Tour
Chicken roosting bars with a dropping board. Plus check out a tour of our chicken coop!
the inside of a barn with hay and straw on shelves in front of large windows
Building a Cozy Chicken Nesting Box In 7 Simple Steps!
Easy DIY Chicken Nesting Box - Your Projects@OBN
how to make a dirt - cheap, predator - proof chicken run
How to Make a Dirt-Cheap Chicken Run
You can make your own chicken run out of dirt-cheap materials, some of which are probably lying around your back yard right now. Photos and videos included. #nloah #chickens #chickenrun #diy
Ideas, Chicken Coop Garden
Pallet Chicken Run: DIY Pallet Fence Extension for the Flock (With Pics)
How to keep your chicken cooler in Summer
the chicken coop is on wheels so you can move it to fresh plants message brandon plants 48 comments
Sundays got me like...
an image of chickens in the yard with text overlay that reads ideal inside chicken coop layout tips
Ideal Inside Chicken Coop Layout Tips!
This easy guide on how to layout the inside of a chicken coop in a way that your flock will thrive in, as well as make it easy for you to maintain it. From food and water to laying eggs and protection. Get the reason why you need each component so you can choose the best area to locate it inside the coop.
two chickens are shown with the names of their feathers and one is labeled in red
Buying chickens- What to look for?