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a drawing of a flower on a white background
Her and Me
50+ Animated Loaders SVG Animated Pack
Tired of the same icons for your projects? Add beautiful and smooth SVG animated loaders on your next project! This pack contain: 50+ animated loaders | 7 loading styles | 4 exported formats (GIF, MP4, MOV, JSON) | 2 background colours | Compatible with Lottie Preview | Customize color in JSON | Highlights: Smooth | Flat | Customize JSON | Vector Based | Lottie Preview Compatible | 7 Loading Styles | #ui #ux #icons #animatedicons #animatedloaders #icon #design #lottie #dribbble #behance #uiux
the words welcome, player and alarm are displayed
Solo Leveling system message
Notification message from solo leveling manhwa from the system #sololeveling #architect #jinwoosung #jinwoo #ialonelevelup
an iphone screen with the music player on it
a blue screen with the words welcome, player and alert
Solo leveling system coding
Html, and CSS coding system like in solo leveling, I tried my best to accurately nailed it buttt...
the dark sky with clouds and stars is shown in this screenshoter screen shot
Daily reminder