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a red and green poster with the words, we are english - seeing cepelligor friendly
Welsh Word of the Day
#Welsh Word of the Day: Tylluan/ #Owl
an image of a poster with words on it
Inglés en el extranjero
Daily welsh Colomendy: Campamento con chicas y chicos ingleses. Centro de campamentos, al norte de Gales, con unas instalaciones espectaculares. Parque de aventura, parque de actividades acuáticas, actividades artísticas, centro polideportivo y residencia en forma de cabinas totalmente reformada. Clases de inglés extras opcionales #WeLoveBS #inglés #idiomas #ReinoUnido #RegneUnit #UK #Wales #Gales
an image of the title for it's a beautiful day, written in red and blue
Daily Welsh--think positive!
a red dragon sitting on top of a green field next to a black and white background
the words pendwmpian written in white over an image of a cat's paw
14 Brilliant Welsh Words Everyone Needs To Start Using
14 Brilliant Welsh Words Everyone Needs To Start Using
an interactive text book for kids with pictures and words on it, including the first page
Matiau Gramadeg: 55 - Yr amser gorffennol: mynd | The past tense: to go
a map of the state of new york with all its roads and towns labeled in black
Mapping the Historic Boundaries of Wales: Commotes and Cantrefs
This map gives an approximate indication of the boundaries of the smaller commotes (cymydau) of Wales, as listed by Gruffudd Hiraethog (d.1564) in NLW Peniarth MS.147.
a person standing in front of a white board with words on it that say, where is
Matiau Gramadeg: 79 - Ble mae …? Where is …?
an info sheet describing the different types of words and phrases in english, spanish, and french
Matiau Gramadeg: 5 - Enwau | Nouns
Matiau Gramadeg: 5 - Enwau | Nouns
a cartoon character is standing in front of a page with words and phrases on it
Matiau Gramadeg: 41 - Yr amser amodol: cadarnhaol | The conditional tense: positive
a graphic representation of comparing adversities in english
Matiau Gramadeg: 65 - Cymharu ansoddeiriau | Comparing adjectives
Cymharu ansoddeiriau | Comparing adjectives
the english language worksheet is shown with an image of a woman and her name
Matiau Gramadeg: 69 - Rhagenwau | Pronouns
Rhagenwau | Pronouns
an image of different vegetables and their names
Vegetables Booklet Welsh
Welsh Language Printables
a cartoon character with an empty thought bubble above it's head and the caption below
Matiau Gramadeg: 95 - Y frawddeg bwyslais | The emphatic sentence
Matiau Gramadeg: 95 - Y frawddeg bwyslais | The emphatic sentence