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three black pieces of art hanging on the wall next to a purse and two shoes
15 Cool And Creative Modern Wall Hooks
Bird Hook
a white shirt hanging on the wall next to a purse
Ariadne at Home
Decorative display and stenciling idea for a retail shop.
two gold elephants are hanging on the wall with keys in front of them and one has a key to it's mouth
DIY Elephant Key Hooks
Use plastic toy elephants, gold spray paint, and driftwood to make a cute place to hang your keys
there is a coat rack on the wall with five coats hanging from it's hooks
FK08 UNI Coat Rack . 1954 . Ferdinand Kramer
three birds are perched on the hooks in this rustic wall art piece, which is made out of wood planks
Picket Fences: Salvaged & Repurposed
Picket Fences: Salvaged & Repurposed. The little birds give it a cute touch I want this now.
a white elephant head mounted to the side of a wall with it's trunk curled up
Encased Elephant Hook
Encased Elephant Hook #anthropologie
there is a white wall with several items hanging on it
DIY wardrobe Hello - Things I Love
DIY wardrobe
two purses hanging from hooks on a yellow and white coat rack with flowers in the background
diy project: kate’s pretty paper coat rack
coat rack
three hooks with forks, spoons and knives hanging on the side of a wall
diy project: kitchen utensil key rack
Så Henrik hittar nycklarna ;)
five wooden pegs are lined up in a row on a white painted board, with green and red pins sticking out of them
Reuse Household Items for Closet Organization
Rolling Pin Coat Rack This project really stands out because it's so unexpected. Jessica Farmer of Etsy shop Bluebird Heaven cut wooden rolling pins into halves and nailed them onto a sturdy piece of plywood. Add some variety by choosing rolling pins with different handles and adding a coat of paint to create one-of-a-kind storage.