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the day before school is so prepared, with books, capricorn, virgor, and margaritas
a screen shot of a text message with the words who the signs want on it
some type of text that appears to be written in different languages, including the words and numbers
the signs falling / being in love poem
an old typewriter with the words'signs types of chill '
zodiac signs and their beautiful features
a screen shot of the sign you might not know about zodiacs on camera roll
Humour, Leo
a sign that says is your sign a queen or a princess? with the words on it
an ad for zodiac zodiacs with the caption if you're nice to me, i'll be nice to you
i don't like 1 mondays 2 homework 3 homework 4 school 5 being ignored 6 an empty fridge 8 below zero - virgo - libra pigses
24 Trendy Funny School Signs
a sign that says how the signs hug are in red and black lettering on white paper