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two small crocheted flowers are tied to some paper and placed in someone's hand
Mini ramo
flower gift box arrangement for any occassion
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several small bags with flowers in them sitting on the ground next to a person's hand
Chenille Stem Bouquet
three boxes with flowers in them on the ground
Spring Blooms: Crochet Tulip Flower Pattern! 🌷 | Click ‘Visit’ for Free Pattern
Add a touch of spring to your crochet projects with our tulip flower pattern! 🌷 Click ‘Visit’ to receive the full pattern as a giveaway. Let your creativity bloom! 🧶✨ #CrochetTulipPattern #SpringCrochet #FreePattern #VisitForMore
a crocheted flower is wrapped in cellophane and tied to a newspaper
Crochet Girl
there are many crocheted flowers in the vases on the table with yarn
crocheted flowers, scissors and yarn on a marble counter top with knitting needles
Free Crochet Tulip Pattern In 2 Variations • Craft Passion
two crocheted coasters and a tea pot on a table
there are many small boxes that have different types of candies in them
the woman is holding two large bouquets of roses in their hands and sitting next to each other