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a man with red hair wearing a birthday hat
Memes emos alv
a black and white drawing of a woman with bats on her head in front of a castle
Gerard Way's Art Appreciation Blog — Ladies and Germs; Gerard Way's drawings/comic...
a black t - shirt with pink writing on it that says, my chemical romance
do not meddle in the affairs of wizards
Feelings, Revenge, Give It To Me, My Vibe, My Chemical Romance, My Chemical, Music Bands
a skeleton hugging another skeleton on the back of a black and white photo with text that reads
Archillect on Twitter
the young man is wearing a green jacket and looking off into the distance with an intense look on his face
Imagenes [Emo Quartet Y Mas]
a man with red hair is holding two bottles
101+ Reasons Why Gerard Way Tops - 64. Sexy back
a man in a suit and tie with tattoos on his neck, holding a microphone
a woman with red hair singing into a microphone
Rare MCR pictures - Gerard Way (:
three people wearing vegetables costumes with the caption, my vegetable romance is overrated
Memes emos alv
two men standing next to each other with their hands together
idk (hbtfm) » Joshler / Frerard / Petekey / Ryden
a man sitting on a motorcycle in front of a bus
MCR Imagines And Oneshots - 📱^Emotrash (3/?)
Friends, Fandoms
MCR and Frerard/MEMES and PICTURES
a drawing of a man with a guitar and microphone in front of a yellow background
devil all the time