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a black and white drawing of two feet with one foot touching the other's toe
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two hands are holding each other in one hand and the other is writing something on it
Alexay Ann.
"The universe could do nothing more cruel than send someone their soulmate at the wrong time."
two hands making a heart with their fingers
10 mentiras que quem está em um relacionamento abusivo já ouviu
"Você nunca vai arrumar alguém tão bom quanto eu".
a drawing of a hand holding something in it's right hand with the other hand
Esses desenhos são ótimas lembranças de amor, desamor e sexo pra mandar para ‘aquele’ amigue
Desejos, dores, sexo e paixões são as principais matérias primas do trabalho do artista francês Curt Montgomery. Entre a ingenuidade dos traços simples e a violência de certas temáticas, o trabalho – batizado de Regards Coupables (ou Olhares Culpados, em tradução livre) – oferece em imagens a descoberta de sentimentos à flor da pele. ...
a black and white drawing of a woman's face with her hair blowing in the wind
this isn't happiness.
art, photography, design & disappointment follow on instagram [ ads via the deck ]
a bonfire is lit in the dark with lots of sparks coming out of it's sides
Keep The Spark Going With These Non-Cliché Second Date Ideas
Set Up a Bonfire
the fire is glowing brightly at night with lots of sparkles on it's surface
You are about to experience an unexpected shift in your surroundings or your personal life that will be beneficial for your soul’s path. You’ll find yourself becoming increasingly clairvoyant. Pay close attention to promptings from your ☀️subconscious, which will come through dreams, visions, and flashes of insight and bring these to the surface for guidance and to manifest them in physical reality. ☀️
a black and white photo of a woman's profile
Something Wild
Something Wild – Finally Unchained