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a pie sitting on top of an open oven
Words hurt
three emoticions with the caption ew you like him? i hate it when people say that to me how rude
Exactly that type stuff annoying
two texts that have been written to each other, one says they are not in love
“No One Gets Bows This Year”: Woman Takes Petty Revenge On Entitled SILs
two texts that have been written to each other
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two texts that have been written to someone on their cell phones, one says they are texting him in like currently
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two texts that say, friends, thats all i've seen that boy almost snap his neck because he heard ur laugh and wanted to see why u were laughing
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someone holding up a piece of paper that says real closure is being ok with unfinished endings, messy conditions and words left unsailed
a piece of paper with the words if it's out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind to
a message written on a piece of cardboard that says speak your mind even if your voice shakes