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an info sheet with different colors and numbers on it, including the words print versus web
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BrandiGirlBlog published this great chart of color and size conversions between inches and pixels, etc.
an image of a large poster with different types of writing on the front and back of it
18 Rules for Using Text
18 Rules for Using Text - If your document has text in it, follow the rules. You’ll start to see a world of difference in your professional documents, whether they be formal reports, brochures, or even your personal résumé. These rules for using text apply across the board.
the evolution of font and numbers in different styles, sizes, colors, and shapes
La psicología de las fuentes (tipografía) #infografia #infographic #design - TICs y Formación
The Psychology Of Fonts #infographic
the logos for different brands are shown in this graphic design guide, which includes watercolors and ink
20%off • Watercolour Graphics Quick!
Kind of liking the watercolor designs I keep seeing.
a bunch of different logos that are on the side of a white sheet with watercolor paint
The Watercolor Media Kit (For PS)
The Watercolor Media Kit (For PS) by MakeMediaCo. on Creative Market
the color scheme for logos and their meanings
Color Psychology of Logo Design
#Color Psychology in #Logo #Design - #Infographic