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a book cover with the words, blessed in life on it and an abstract background
the words show yourself more love are shown in purple and pink letters on a white background
a sign that says let go of what you can't control with smiley faces on it
an image of a sign that says you can take a break on the beach
twinkle (@twinklnh) on X
the words talk less, smile more on a purple background
the words is it the weekend yet? on a blue background
the words don't worry daring are written in blue ink on a white background
don't worry darling
the words be kind and be kind written in different colors
a yellow bus driving down a city street next to tall buildings with words written on it
twinkle (@twinklerenjun_) / Twitter
a pink background with black and white drawings on the bottom right corner is an image of people eating
40 Cool Things to Draw in Your Sketchbook
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